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Kathy from the desk

December 5, 2023

Letter of Support for improvements at Oceano County Airport, located at 561 Air Park Drive just north of the South San Luis Obispo County.

The South County Chambers of Commerce support the improvements recommended in the project description for Oceano Airport. The proposed project would repair, replace, or upgrade/improve several Airport components, including renovating and upgrading the existing pilots’ campground area, repaving/striping and adding ADA improvements to the parking lot, adding two modular buildings to the maintenance yard (i.e., a pilots’ lounge and a pilots’ shower/restroom building), replacing the primary airport hangar, and upgrading various utility infrastructure to serve Airport facilities.

The proposed project raises issues that can generally be understood in terms of its compatibility with the surrounding area and surrounding area resources, including the community of Oceano itself.

The Oceano Airport is one of two airports serving the County, with the primary and larger airport in the City of San Luis Obispo serving commercial flights mostly to and from several cities on California’s west coast, and the Oceano Airport generally serving non-scheduled general aviation and cargo flights (via piston-engine aircraft with wingspans less than 49 feet).

Project Description: Repairs, replacements, and improvements to airport facilities, including resurfacing/ADA parking lot improvements along Air Park Drive; new modular pilots’ lounge and restroom/shower facility; replacement airplane hangar; improvements to the existing pilots’ campground area; and related development.

The South County Chambers of Commerce believes the proposed development before the Commission in this CDP application is a relatively modest ensemble of repairs, replacements, and improvements to Airport facilities which do not rise to the level of redevelopment that would necessitate a complete review against all Coastal Act provisions. In addition, the conditions also incorporate and build upon the Applicant’s proposed Community Event Plan that was designed to help weave the Airport more fully into the broader community fabric as a type of community gathering space (e.g., by, among other things, hosting community events like farmer’s markets, youth aviation education, etc.). These amenities will help create a stronger economy by bringing more opportunities for activities and a sense of place. More attractive services will entice pilots to visit more frequently and stay longer. All of this adds to betterment of Oceano and the surrounding communities.


Kathy McCorry


South County Chambers of Commerce

PO Box 672, Arroyo Grande, CA 93421

(805) 489-1488

Cell: (559) 760-6929


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