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    Mother's Day Special
    Take time to stop time for all time.

    My mother died in 2007. Fortunately I had a friend who loved snapping shots of anything that moved. So I do have some photos of us together. Kodak moments so to speak. I have them on my wall. They’re 4×6 snaps and yes they do represent who we were on that autumn day. But they certainly don’t show us at our best. The posing wasn’t too good all lined up like little tin soldiers. The light caused us to squint into the hazy sun. There was no real connection, done on the spur of the moment as it was. And that’s all I have. Nothing evocative, nothing poignant. Nothing that reflected how special and need I say unusual a person she was. It’s a great regret to me now that I didn’t know any better back in 1990 that she wouldn’t be with me forever. Who can imagine that?

    There are so many reasons to capture the people we love for all time. To treasure those individuals who make a difference in our lives. Mother’s Day is just around the corner. It happens every year, and every year we “plan” to do something special for the woman who cared for us our whole life. A lovely dinner or brunch is always a great way to celebrate, but once the day has passed it quickly becomes a distant memory. The flowers wilt and the cards get stuffed into a drawer or even worse, tossed. Yet a sure fire way of making the day and her experience unforgettable is to offer her a chance to hold the moment forever in beautiful images of you together, both as a testament to how special she is and how fleeting time is. Make this moment last. There’s no time like the present, because ultimately that’s all we have. To access your GIFT VOUCHER    https://www.andreafine.com/mothers-day-gift-voucher/

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