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    You really getting to know you; where you operate from, your lifestyle and how well you are functioning within it; ending the knee jerk impulses, abandoning reactivity, formulating responses that match how you desire to experience your life; communicating from a genuine place within; incorporating a boundary system like you’ve never considered; living with limits and limitation that you welcome and honor, all while being effective and doing what works mindfully and willingly; conditioning your ability to control your moments, face distress, lean into your emotions, self-soothe, reduce your vulnerability and shine in the light you wish to see yourself in.

    We provide Life Recovery through our two exclusive programs; Building Milestones® Learn to Live Free and Live for Yourself First systems.

    These life engaging processes end your struggles and frustrating cycles so you can live the way you imagine.

    We will work together to release you from your negative attachments and impulsive actions. We will discover what drives you to believe; that comfort or relief can be found from something outside yourself and that you are defined by what you do. As a team, we will put an end to your deceitful drinking, sneaky snacking, indulgent shopping and we will put an end to your running on autopilot, what if’s anxiety, resistance to letting go, anything that has you stuck in spiraling mental loops and a controlled by others lifestyle.

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    South County Chambers of Commerce
  • South County Chambers of Commerce

    Phone: (805) 489-1488

    5 Cities Office
    Hours:  Monday-Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm
    800 A West Branch
    Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

    Nipomo Office
    Hours vary call ahead (805) 929-1583
    239 West Tefft
    Nipomo, CA 93444