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  • EMPATH Earns Prestigious Platinum Award for Website Creativity

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    September 21, 2020
    dotCOMM Awards, an international competition honoring excellence in web creativity and digital communication, announced that EMPATH has earned the highest award for Website Creativity and Illustration.

    EMPATH’s entry earned the Platinum award on the recent relaunch of empathunited.com. EMPATH’s Strategic Partner, Sam Chatham, acted as Creative Director and produced the hand drawn iconography to illustrate key concepts embodying EMPATH’s values.

    “Deep listening and understanding are often the missing link in marketing. Too often we are distracted and distanced from real human connections, which is why EMPATH’s mission is to research customer wants and needs and discover deeper meaning, which set the stage for each icon design,” says Chatham. “Modern minimalism has filtered out all the warmth and expression that we used to treasure. My personal mission is to bring the tactility of traditional media to digital platforms.”

    The hand drawn illustrations needed to present layers of meaning in order steer away from the surface-level digital world we all live in now. Empathy requires a real sense of connection with others and that’s exactly what these icons represent: they speak to foster connections with viewers.

    Louis Camassa, EMPATH’s Managing Partner says, “Distinction is a key attribute of brand identity, and even small visual elements like icons represent an opportunity to create a richer experience. Brands are made during great experiences, but they endure in small ones. Iconography is a small part of the brand experience, but it represents a powerful mechanism for memorability and recall.”

    This is EMPATH’s second award for designing web platforms in 2020, having already earned the prestigious Gold international design award from the 2020 AVA Digital Awards, for the platform design and user experience they created for their client, Masterfully.
    About EMPATH                                empathunited.com
    EMPATH is a San Luis Obispo based brand and marketing consultancy that helps health and wellness companies develop a deep understanding of their customer’s wants and needs and turns those insights into marketing that inspires sales and extends loyalty.
    Contact Information: Louis Camassa, Managing Partner
    PHONE: +1-888-979-1324 E-MAIL: lc@empathunited.com
    About CHATHAM WORKS                          chathamworksart.com
    Sam Chatham is a multimedia artist who combines deep research with traditional hand techniques. His mission is to create timeless solutions that affect lives, bring people together, and inspire consciousness with a down-to-earth attitude.
    Contact Information: Sam Chatham, Designer & Illustrator, Communication Design.
    PHONE: +1-805-423-8121 E-MAIL: hello@chathamworksart.com
    Louis Camassa, Managing Partner
    lcamassa@empathunited.com, 1-888-979-1324