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    July 17, 2019

    Are you looking for a fun activity to do with your baby! Come Join us at 5 Cities Swim School for our Goldfish Program! 

    Congratulations on taking the next step in becoming safer in and around the water. Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death within children ages 5 and younger, but by taking swimming lessons consistently you help reduce that risk by 88%! Recent studies have proven that babies starting in the water are healthier, stay focused, have greater physical development, and are academically ahead of other children who did not have water movement as a baby.

    Goldfish class will teach you how to hold your child on their front and back. We will work on dives up to 10FT straight ahead, roll overs from front to back, float independently, learn how to do dolphin dives, swim more independently, sit down jumps, swimming back to the wall and much more!

    CONSISTENCY: It's so important to continue swimming lessons through all our skill levels (Goldfish to Dolphin) to ensure water safety and confidence in and out of the water. If you take breaks from swimming lessons your child will forget the skills after a period of time, especially if they are not being practiced.Remember, you reduce the risk of drowning by 88% by taking swim lessons consistently.

    Helpful hints for success:

    At the end of every class you instructor will give you homework. This will help your Childs progress in the class when completed daily or as instructed by your teacher.

    BATH TIME - the bath is the best time to get your child off to a great start with swimming.  Hold your child as you prepare for the bath. Let them throw toys into the water and let them pick up the toys. Lay on your back with your child on their stomach, or sit with your child on their back floating between the your legs.  Sing nice quiet songs that sooth and gently put water over their body and face.  (Put water over your face too!) It's also always great to come to our recreational swimming times and practice in the pool.

     FLOATING DEVICES- Floatation devices give both parents and children a false sense of security in the water. The big danger is the child does not realize the flotation device is supporting them in the water and not their swimming skills. We do not advise using “Puddle-Jumpers”, water wings, blow up arm floats, or blow up rings, nor do we allow them at our facility. Remember when you are out at other bodies of water to have a Coast Guard Certified Life Jacket. At 5 Cities Swim we promote independent swimming. 

    GOGGLES- Goggles can be a major asset to your child when they are ready to put them on their face. We generally introduce goggles around age 1 and a half and up. Children want to explore above and below the water and goggles give them the ability and confidence to swim more independently in the water. They also make swimming much more comfortable with no eye irritation.

    THE CRYING CHILD- Children do not act the same way when introduced to a swimming lesson.  Some explode with happy noises while others feel intimidated by the new environment. New sites, smells, colors, noises and new people can over stimulate a child. This is why the first day of swim is about water acclimation and building trust. If your child does cry during your swimming lessons, don’t worry or stress it will get easier. Generally they are just overstimulated or if the parent is not comfortable in the water the child will feel this stress.  Do not take them out of the water! Keep them moving around and show them they are safe with you and their instructor. Older children may cry when they see a parent watching on the deck. If your child does this try to keep out of direct eye site. Let our staff ease their fears and stress. 

    Again, consistency is so important in the water. Your child is learning a life time skill. By taking swim lessons your child will be self-confident, be safe in the water, be more alert, healthier, and academically  ahead of other children who have not experienced movement in the water.

    We can’t wait to help you and your child grow in and out of the water! 

    David Aldana, Manager
    (805) 481-6399
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