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  • Committees

  • Volunteer committees are a good way for members to connect with other business people, find out more about local issues, and enhance the quality of life of our community.  Members in good standing are encouraged to participate.

    Ambassador Committee

    The Ambassadors Committee is a working committee that aids staff in the development of effective acquisition and retention programs designed to educate local businesses about the programs and services available through the South County Chambers of Commerce. Ambassadors concentrate on the retention of existing and development of new members through an awareness program emphasizing personal contacts by Ambassadors. Ambassadors welcome new Chamber members, act as hosts at key Chamber events and facilitate interaction between members at Chamber functions.

    Governmental Affairs

    The South County Chambers of Commerce recognizes the necessity of properly balanced legislation for enhancement and encouragement of the free enterprise system. In conjunction with our stated goals, SCCC supports legislation at all levels of government which insures a sound and healthy local economy.  When necessary, we will vigorously oppose legislation that threatens the viability of local business as part of the private enterprise system. SCCC encourages a proactive approach to local legislation and supports research, analysis, education, and wide dissemination of proposed legislation that affects local business and the vitality of South SLO County.

    Marketing Committee

    The Marketing Committee is charged with selecting the Business of the Month for the months of February through December. These businesses are then eligible for the Business of the Year award which is presented at the Annual Dinner and Recognition Awards.


    Local Steering Committees

    Steering Committees

    These committees meet at various times and locations. Typically, monthly.

    Purpose: As a regional Chamber, we recognize the many benefits that are achieved through combined resources and a collective voice to advocate for business. Likewise, we also recognize the importance of each community retaining their individual identity. Because each business community has unique needs, local Steering Committees have developed to work on projects in their community.

    What to Expect: Steering Committees make recommendations to the SCCC Board of Directors regarding events and goals for the businesses in their community and work together to see them achieved.

    Commitment Level: Attend meetings. Steering Committee members may be asked to help with events or projects in their community.


    To apply for a Chamber committee, please click here




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