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January 3, 2024

  1. Welcoming New Members: Ambassadors often serve as the welcoming committee for new Chamber members. They might reach out to these members, introduce them to the Chamber's services, and help them integrate into the network.
  2. Attending Events: Ambassadors are expected to attend various Chamber events, such as mixers, ribbon-cuttings, fundraisers, and networking events. Their presence helps facilitate connections among attendees and promotes a welcoming environment.
  3. Member Engagement: A key role is to engage existing members, ensuring they are making the most of their Chamber membership. This can involve regular communication, understanding their needs and concerns, and connecting them with relevant resources or contacts.
  4. Promoting Chamber Activities: Ambassadors help promote and increase awareness of Chamber events and programs. They might use their networks to spread the word and encourage participation.
  5. Feedback Collection: They often gather feedback from members about Chamber services and events. This feedback is crucial for the Chamber to improve and adapt its offerings.
  6. Mentoring: In some Chambers, ambassadors may take on a mentoring role, particularly for new businesses or members who are new to the business community.
  7. Representing the Chamber: Ambassadors often represent the Chamber in the community. This can include attending non-Chamber events as a representative, speaking about the Chamber's role and benefits, and building relationships with non-members.
  8. Recruitment of New Members: They might be involved in efforts to recruit new members by sharing the benefits of joining the Chamber and by identifying potential new members in the community.
  9. Committee Meetings: Ambassadors usually attend regular committee meetings where they discuss strategies for member engagement, event planning, and other relevant topics.
  10. Volunteering for Special Projects: Depending on the Chamber’s activities and needs, ambassadors might volunteer for special projects or initiatives that align with the Chamber's goals.


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