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2024 Leadership South County Class V – May Recap

Last month, our class learned about the impacts the tourism industry has in our south county area.
We started the day with CultureStoke and some great insight on the rollercoaster of life. Don’t forget: “If you don’t ask for help, you deny others the opportunity and gift of being able to help.“ Our day followed with guest speakers from many different sectors including hotels, events, marketing and wine!

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Kim Wybenga – Workforce Development Program – Coastal Vibes

LOCAL SUPPORT….to give assistance in a practical way to those in your community!
The appreciation of LOCAL SUPPORT was the sentiment conveyed to me by John Kuebler, owner of a NEW electric bike rental, sales and apparel shop, “COASTAL VIBES “, located at 170 W. Grand Ave, Suite 102, Grover Beach, Ca. (next-door to our well-known local diner Grover Station Grill) I recently had the pleasure of meeting John and hearing what inspired him to open his electric bike and apparel shop in Grover Beach.

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Kim Wybenga – Workforce Development Program – Alexandra Morris Geriatric Care Management & Dementia Consulting

COMPASSION – Letting someone know that they do NOT WALK ALONE!

COMPASSION is the driving force behind every social cause that we support as a community. EMPATHY allows us to connect to someone who is walking through a season of difficulty. And together they BOTH motivate our hearts to ACTION!

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Kim Wybenga – Workforce Development Program


That’s the HEARTBEAT of people like SLO County resident Amelia Stephens, Vocational Specialist for a life changing organization known as TMHA. (Transitional Mental Health Association) May is Mental Health Awareness Month, but I think we all would agree that mental health is a subject that we should always be compassionate toward. TMHA began its roots in SLO County in 1979 thanks to a

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A New Chapter at SCC: Jeff Chambers Appointed as CEO -Let’s Shape the Future Together

As YOUR Convener, Catalyst, and Champion for business, the South County Chambers will continue to strive for excellence in all we do. Should you have any questions or wish to discuss our future direction, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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