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KIM Workforce

March 26, 2024

BELIEVE...BELIEVE that there will be a GREAT harvest for all your hard work, effort and dedication as one of our local businesses! The perseverance you have displayed in keeping your doors open during very challenging times is nothing short of INSPIRING! I am humbled and honored to serve our San Luis Obispo County through the grants allocated through the SLO CAL Career Center. It is through these valuable grants that Eryk Nappi and I can serve both the employers and job seekers, sharing employment and business service resources at NO COST to you!

Now that's GOOD NEWS worth sharing!

"Let the season of revitalization begin! There is an ocean full of fish to prepare, vineyards of wine to be poured, music to be played throughout our marketplaces, vendors with amazing goods and services to sell and an audience who can't wait to enjoy it all! So, let’s all cast our nets wide and BELIEVE that our brightest days are ahead! Embrace each moment with your friends, family and the wonderful tourists who have come to cherish all that our Central Coast has to offer. “

Workforce Development Program Facebook Live Stream March Luncheon Presentation


Kim Wybenga


Chairman's Circle Plus, Chairman's Circle & Community Partners