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April 16, 2024

RESTORATION - The definition is simply to RECEIVE BACK something which has been taken. As a business owner most would agree that a good portion of your day is spent GIVING your time and energy to your staff, clients, community, as well as your family and friends. Sharing your passions with the world drives your productivity but can sometimes leave you feeling a bit drained and worn out by the end of the day.  Which is why I was so elated to discover the Sweat and Purify Holistic Salon and Spa, which recently opened its doors early 2024 in our beautiful coastal area of Pismo Ca. Owner Laura Kay, an Ayurvedic specialist has created what feels like a wellness sanctuary in her inviting salon and spa. Her passion is to share and educate her clients on the benefits of the Ayurvedic Way of cleansing the body. The variety of spa treatments available are all designed to promote a mind and body RESTORATION experience from the inside out! From the moment you walk through her doors you are greeted by the heart of a woman who truly desires for YOUR health journey to begin. As a recipient of her spa treatments, I can tell you that the calming scents of the healing oils throughout, the array of spa services she offered and the soothing artistry that met my eyes all reminded me of a truth I have long come to embrace over the years:

“We cannot GIVE what we do not have to offer “

Laura Kay believes that when you invest in your own wellness and RESTORATION journey, it allows you to harness the energy you need to GIVE back to others, as you also learn how to receive!

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