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May 14, 2024

COMPASSION – Letting someone know that they do NOT WALK ALONE!

COMPASSION is the driving force behind every social cause that we support as a community. EMPATHY allows us to connect to someone who is walking through a season of difficulty. And together they BOTH motivate our hearts to ACTION! In the coming weeks many of us will celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. These special days are dedicated to honoring those who have cared for us when we were too young to care for ourselves. It is a privilege to be able to support our loved ones as they age. But as we all know, with age comes distinct challenges physically, emotionally and sometimes mentally. And oftentimes we are not quite prepared to face the challenges ahead.   Statistically speaking, due to health care advancements, 1 out of 5 people in our country is classified as a senior citizen as opposed to 1 out of 20 just 100 years ago. These numbers are simply staggering and can easily overwhelm a social structure and individual families if we are not proactive in addressing the issues our seniors face each day.

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing one of three active SLO County Geriatric Care Managers, also known as Aging Life Care Professionals, Alexandra Morris with Geriatric Care Management and Dementia Consulting. She has been an advocate and an expert in this field for over 30 years. I asked Alexandra how we, as a community, can best support our families who often suffer in silence as they try to make thoughtful and wise decisions on behalf of their loved ones during this season of life? Her response: EDUCATE THEM and MAKE THEM AWARE OF THE MANY SERVICES AVAILABLE! One very IMPORTANT service that cannot be understated is the hiring of a Geriatric Care Manager. Their professionalism and subsequent industry connections help provide holistic approaches to health care needs for older adults and dependent adults. The areas they mainly focus on are caregiving and family, health and safety, values and well-being, advocacy, housing, legal, financial, local and national resources. Though some counties, cities, hospitals, hospice and a few specialized programs (for Veterans, intellectual delays and mental health populations, for example) offer FREE, limited Care Management Services, private GCM consultants provide more comprehensive and long-lasting assistance and are available in most areas nationwide. You can find them here:

YES…LOVE comes in many forms, but it is ALWAYS driven by a heart that expresses COMPASSION and EMPATHY. As a community, let’s be living examples of NEVER letting our seniors and their families feel as though they WALK ALONE!

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