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KIM Workforce (1)

May 20, 2024

LOCAL SUPPORT….to give assistance in a practical way to those in your community!

The appreciation of LOCAL SUPPORT was the sentiment conveyed to me by John Kuebler, owner of a NEW electric bike rental, sales and apparel shop, “COASTAL VIBES “, located at 170 W. Grand Ave, Suite 102, Grover Beach, Ca. (next-door to our well-known local diner Grover Station Grill) I recently had the pleasure of meeting John and hearing what inspired him to open his electric bike and apparel shop in Grover Beach. He shared with me that his grass roots began in Southern California, but as he traveled about on his own life journey, it was the picturesque Central Coast that always seemed to capture his heart and his personal VIBE! Hence the appropriate name for his electric bike and apparel shop,


John opened his doors on April 1, 2024, and is looking forward to his GRAND OPENING on May 25, 2024. That day will be filled with live music, scrumptious food, tasty drinks and a generous raffle prize! To the lucky winner ….an awesome electric scooter that will most certainly launch their own summer COASTAL VIBE!  As we all know, the electric bike industry has gone viral, especially in areas as scenic as our beautiful central coast. With countless fascinating trails to explore and adventurous eye-catching terrain, the e- bike way of travel has become wildly popular as a new way to experience life. One of John’s philosophies is that if people traveled more frequently on bikes (whether a traditional bike or e bike) it would reduce traffic congestion and aide in a more environmentally friendly atmosphere. John Kuebler is a multi-fascinated thinker and has goals and dreams beyond just being another electric bike shop owner in town. He has an impressive background in graphic design, and he intends on incorporating that passion into his shop. So be on the lookout for more innovative future endeavors to come from this laid back but driven entrepreneur. His goal is to make his mark in the Central Coast as a local business owner, but not just for the ordinary personal gain one might expect. His desire is to become successful so that he can give back to his community, a community that has already shown him so much LOCAL SUPPORT. John has an innate appreciation for the art and music world and would love to convey his gratitude by promoting local artists and musicians in his shop. As we spoke, I discovered that John’s true vision is as colorful and vibrant as the walls in his classic yet unique e bike and apparel shop. His long-term dream is that one day his shop will become a destination place for those seeking to experience FUN, FUN and MORE FUN as they explore all that the central coast has to offer. Though an experience on one of his electric bikes will certainly keep YOU traveling on the aesthetic roads of the central coast and beyond…John’s desire is to remain planted in the Grover Beach Community for years to come and to contribute in all the ways his creative passions propel him! So, let’s all give him a warm welcome and show our LOCAL SUPPORT to his COASTAL VIBES Shop!

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