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KIM Workforce (1)

May 28, 2024

MEMORIAL DAY – A Day that” WE THE PEOPLE “of the United States of America had an opportunity to express our HONOR and GRATITUDE for the men and women who have bravely served in our military over the years, whether domestically or abroad. Flags were flown at half-mast that reminded us to count our blessings for all the freedoms that our countryman have fought for and we enjoy even today.  For some families it was a time of remembrance and reflection of loved ones who have given their all for the call of duty. For others it was a time to gather with family and friends and create precious summertime memories. However you chose to spend this past holiday weekend, I hope you will never forget that our FREEDOMS have NEVER been FREE, but rather, they are a PRICELESS gift paid by those who died protecting them. With freedom comes responsibility and there will always be a need for those in our communities to uphold and protect those rights and responsibilities. So today we also want to HONOR and express our GRATITUDE to all our local civil servants such as:  law enforcement officers, fire fighters, and our community leaders who serve on the front lines of our cities to help create a safer and more prosperous way of living.
Speaking of PROSPEROUS….
This weekend kicked off our much-anticipated tourism season!  It is no secret that our streets are revealing the signs of more economic growth .... with roadwork leading the way. But as we know, transitional work is always necessary to create safer and more viable city-wide infrastructures to accompany any growth. So, patience is much appreciated as we all navigate these ongoing changes together as a community. But regardless of these slight inconveniences, our local business owners are very GRATEFUL for every hard-earned dollar spent by those who intentionally travel to our beautiful Central Coast to find their place of respite. But what will always HONOR the hard work of our local business owners the most is when “WE THE PEOPLE “of the Central Coast spend our hard-earned dollars locally. The impact of THAT decision will continue to bear good fruit generationally as we support one another economically. It is a fact that what we reap together we will also sow together as a community, creating an even stronger and more vibrant CENTRAL COAST! To ALL who have contributed to the Central Coast way of life over the years, we HONOR your hard work and would like to express our GRATITUDE for all you have done to make SLO County a great place to work and live!

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Kim Wybenga


Chairman's Circle Plus, Chairman's Circle & Community Partners