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KIM Workforce

June 10, 2024


The FAMILY FRIENDLY motto is a great way to describe our next business of the week.  Z and his wife Melissa Zaferis are a dynamic duo and the owners of the Grover Station Grill located at 170 W. Grand Ave #101, Grover Beach, Ca. 93433. From the moment I stepped into their establishment I could see that they have intentionally created an atmosphere of warmth and FAMILY FRIENDLY style dining. From the delicious array of homemade menu selections to the easy breezy coastal décor ….it all points to a FAMILY who is committed to serving their customers their very BEST! In addition to the tasty FAMILY FRIENDLY menu and beverage selections, the Zaferis family have amazingly cultivated a space and place where people feel as though they have stepped back into time, a time when people engaged in conversation with one another just for the pleasure of it. 😊 Not only did I witness a steady flow of customers coming in and out, but I also saw groups of people playing cards together, having lengthy conversations and simply enjoying the FAMILY FRIENDLY ambience that the Grover Station Grill provides. And in the backdrop of this busy quaint diner, I watched as Z and Melissa worked diligently behind the counter ensuring that each customer felt valued and cared for …even addressing most of them by name. Now THAT is a personal touch we rarely get to experience in today’s culture, a lost art in a commerce world which is more commonly marked by fast paced social interactions and business transactions. But for Z, Melissa and their three children (Alex, Jason and Eleni), displaying an attitude of gratitude simply means taking the time to personally interact with their customers, even serving their community outside the walls of their popular diner. For them, it is their way of giving back to those people who have supported them over the years. Equally important is serving each customer with a spirit of excellence. And speaking of excellence… I learned quickly that Z is thoughtful about his beer selections and strives to keep some of the best local beers on tap. With a smile on his face, he humbly shared that his restaurant was recognized in the Forbes magazine in 2018 for BEST Craft beer served at his bar, an achievement few get to experience. Ironically it was the same year that their family bar was forced to close due to the economic effects of Covid. Needless to say, even a worldwide pandemic could not keep this industrious FAMILY down. In 2020 they moved from Southern California to the Central Coast and opened our beloved Grover Station Grill. And soon he was recognized by two of our local Chambers of Commerce as Business of the year. (South County in 2022 and Pismo in 2023) Truly inspirational!  As we wrapped up our interview, I asked Z a question. “What makes you greet each person with such intentional kindness? “His response, and I quote “I just treat every customer the way I would want my children to be treated. “That statement said it all …literally the embodiment of the core value, FAMILY FRIENDLY!  Imagine a world where EVERY business treated their customers the way we would want our own FAMILY members treated. Not only could that produce amazing productivity and favorable outcomes economically, but it could also have an immeasurable amount of positive impact on our communities!

Thank you Zaferis FAMILY for that you do to make our community feel valued and supported!

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Kim Wybenga


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