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KIM Workforce

June 17, 2024


As the 4th of July is fast approaching our commerce world is gearing up for the anticipated tourism revenue that it will bring. 😊 We are very grateful to those who choose to spend their holiday season with us here on the central coast. It is also a day that we celebrate the independence of the UNITED States of America. Just as we rely on tourism to infuse our communities with much needed revenue for continued growth, Americans have always needed ONE ANOTHER to create a STRONG nation.

Did you know that the first U.S. Chamber of Commerce began its roots on April 22, 1912, under the leadership of President Taft? His vision was quite focused in nature. President Taft believed that we could do more together than apart. The Chamber of Commerce had a specific mission: to UNITE Commercial business trades and their organizations, so that they could collectively provide the Commerce Community access to valuable resources. These resources included sharing discounts WITH ONE ANOTHER , which helped them save money, assisting ONE ANOTHER in marketing strategies, networking WITH ONE ANOTHER to broaden their audience and most importantly building relationships WITH ONE ANOTHER, ultimately creating the potential for generational wealth and prosperity!

Do you see the theme here? We need ONE ANOTHER to reach our full potential.

Thankfully to this day the Chamber of Commerce Organizations continue to be a significant driving force of economic development throughout our cities, counties and states. President Taft’s vision for commerce growth proved to be a successful business model that still holds true, even in the fast-paced world in which we live. Though the modalities of HOW we communicate WITH ONE ANOTHER in business may have changed throughout the years, due to technological advancements. The mission of Chambers of Commerce remains the same: to UNITE Commercial business trades and organizations by sharing valuable resources, networking WITH ONE ANOTHER and building relationships WITH ONE ANOTHER by promoting and protecting the interest of ONE ANOTHER. Thank you for partnering with us at the South County Chamber of Commerce to build a brighter tomorrow for our future generations to come.


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Kim Wybenga


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