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KIM Workforce

July 1, 2024


Calling ALL PARENTS, GRANDPARENTS and those fortunate enough to carry with them a FUN-LOVING spirit! We have been given a timeless treasure that is worth sharing with one another in our community by the sea. Owners Jason and Melissa Natanson of “THE SKY’S THE LIMIT Toy and Kite Shop” , newly relocated at 541 5 Cities Dr. Pismo, Ca. 93449, have graced our community with a playful wonderland that will surely have you feeling UP...UP…UP LIFTED in very unexpected ways! As I made my way into this adorable toy, kite and flag shop, I discovered that this was more than a traditional toy or novelty store. Before I knew it… my senses were reeling with excitement and my imagination was running as free as a stallion in an open field. The extensive selection of ornate kites and gorgeous flags were most certainly unrivaled in all of California. Jason shared that he travels around the U.S. several times a year just to find the perfect flags and kites for their customers. WOW!  That’s commitment! Jason and Melissa just love how a colorfully designed flag can instantly transform a yard at very little cost. As a Grammy of three beautiful grandchildren, I was captivated by the myriads of playthings that caught my eye, big and small, I was drawn to them all! 😊 Even the cute toy weasel that was mischievously rolling around the floor as if it owned the place. LOL Shelf upon shelf I was amazed by the variety of entertaining games, amusing and educational toys, artfully designed yard décor, kites, flags and so much more! I wholeheartedly agree with their store motto:

“It’s where the fun begins! “

This is truly a one-of-a-kind novelty shop for kids and adults of all ages. Jason and Melissa consider themselves the quintessential Mom and Pop Shop who are striving to make a positive impact on the Central Coast. Their personal and professional goals are simply this: to UP… UP… UPLIFT our community by bringing more JOY and HAPPINESS into each day and to support our local economy as they prosper. In our interview I marveled at their teamwork spirit, work ethic and positive attitude. They emphasized their commitment to excellent customer service and conveyed the importance of building a sincere rapport with their customers. For Jason and Melissa owning “THE SKYS THE LIMIT “toy and kite shop is more than just a career path, it is an absolute labor of love! They believe that having FUN is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle and hope to share that message through the treasures that you’ll find in their shop. For 20 years Melissa has found that flying a magnificent colorful kite is a great way to feel instantly UPLIFTED. One good burst of wind under a beautifully crafted kite can turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary experience. As we ended our conversation, I assured them both that I would be back soon. Yes, my three sweet grandchildren will keep me a loyal patron of this outstanding toy, kite and flag shop. Trust me when I say….one foot in the door of THE SKY’S THE LIMIT and you too will be UP…UP…UPLIFTED in your day!

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Kim Wybenga


Chairman's Circle Plus, Chairman's Circle & Community Partners