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KIM Workforce

July 8, 2024


From the moment I met Eric and Jill Von Berg I sensed the genuineness of their hearts and their passion for life. However, it is when I had the pleasure of being welcomed into their art gallery, simply named” The Gallery,” located at 213 E. Branch St. Arroyo Grande, Ca. 93420, that I truly witnessed their smiles light up the room. As I gazed around the gallery hall, with its vaulted ceilings and edgy architectural structures, envisioned by co-owner Eric Von Berg and realized through accomplished architect Jennifer Martin, I was equally enamored by the distinguished art on the walls. My eyes were met with spectacular artwork, original paintings from acclaimed artists such as: Rick J. Deanty, John Budicin, Sergio Lopez, and sculptor Randy Bolander. The display is both impressive and incredibly relatable.

Jill and Eric, who were raised in completely different regions of the world- Eric born and raised in California and Jill in a small village on the Isle of Man- have successfully combined their diverse backgrounds to pursue their mutual passion for art. As Eric so eloquently put it...” One day we just said to ourselves, why not live out our dream? “So, they began making plans to construct a unique space that would combine the passion for art, appreciation of wine, and the gift of fellowship. With the restoration of an old Victorian building transformed into an elegant wine tasting room, combined with their newly completed art gallery, their dreams are now a reality. We all now have the good fortune of experiencing the fruits of their labor.

Eric and Jill hope to share their passion and joy of the art world with the iconic Central Coast as its ultimate canvas backdrop. Locals and visitors alike are welcomed into this inspiring space, which humbly promotes incredibly talented and contemporary local and national artists. Though the Gallery’s soft opening has already begun, the official ribbon cutting with the South County Chamber of Commerce is set for July 11, 2024, at 9:15am.

The vision for The Gallery is simple yet memorable in its essence, offering both a peaceful and visually stimulating space, where visitors can enjoy fine art and a glass of fine wine, in the heart of Arroyo Grande Village. It sounds like a beautiful way to spend time on our intoxicating Central Coast. Eric and Jill’s natural talents, innate joy and passion for the ART world are most certainly destined to make magical moments happen for years to come.

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Kim Wybenga


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