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Leadership South County Update art for July 2023 SCBN

July 1, 2023

In June 2, 2023, Leadership South County Class IV's day session focused on cannabis. Leadership students experienced a thorough tour of all the steps in the local cannabis industry including an introduction of how the industry became legalized. Guest speaker Grover Beach City Manager Matt Bronson spoke on the city’s ordinances, processes, and monitoring. Representatives from Confidence Analytics explained how products are tested for safe consumption. Leadership students also learned about selling and distributing from Urbn Leaf, one of our South County dispensaries in Grover Beach. The future of cannabis was discussed by local cannabis tourism company Higher Way Travel. A huge thank you to Confidence Analytics for hosting Class IV students during their day session and thanks to CultureStoke for providing leadership development training.

Leadership South County is a leadership development training program offered by South County Chambers of Commerce. To learn more, please click here.


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