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District 3

November 1, 2023

Hello South County Chamber members,

First, I'd like to share some exciting news. The California Employers Association (CEA) has joined forces with the San Luis Obispo County Workforce Development Board to create a no-cost HR-Hotline to assist employers and employees.

Businesses in SLO County can call 888-710-0905 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday for expert advice and guidance on various human resources topics. This resource is poised to become an essential tool for workforce management and compliance.

"This innovative HR-Hotline provides expert advice and guidance on a wide range of human resources topics. Designed to assist businesses of all sizes in San Luis Obispo County, this resource is poised to become an essential tool for workforce management and compliance," said Josh Cross of Atascadero Chamber, adding, "Your tax dollars are truly at work for the benefit of our local business community. The HR-Hotline is a testament to the power of strategic partnerships in supporting our employers and enhancing their HR practices."

Some key features of the hotline include expert advice from certified HR professionals, a no-cost service for businesses of all sizes, and guidance on a wide range of HR topics, including hiring and firing best practices, paid sick leave laws, wage and hour laws, employee handbook policies, HR compliance, accommodations in the workplace, and much more.

Whether it's your daily commute, a leisurely drive, or a simple stroll, roads are the lifeblood of our daily lives, and road safety is paramount to our quality of life. Allow me to introduce you to the 'Road to Zero' safety initiative, a comprehensive plan to enhance road safety and curb accidents.

The 'Road to Zero' is not just a plan; it's a call to action. It implores our community to unite in the face of tragic losses and prevent further incidents like the ones we've witnessed. Road safety is a shared responsibility, and it's well within our capabilities to make it a reality.

Recent tragedies serve as stark reminders of the critical importance of road safety. In November 2022, a speeding car claimed the lives of Matthew Chachere and Jennifer Besser, who were walking their dog near San Luis Obispo. Another reckless driving incident at Pepperdine University resulted in the tragic loss of four students. These events underscore the dire consequences of reckless actions and emphasize the need for immediate change.

The 'Road to Zero' initiative takes a comprehensive approach to road safety, with components like infrastructure enhancement, educational outreach, law enforcement vigilance, community engagement, and technological advancements. The recent 2023 SLO Safe Streets Forum convened over fifty delegates, including Safety Champions nominated by SLOCOG board members.

The new Katcho Achadjian County Government Center was unveiled on October 20th in a heartfelt ceremony. Dedication of the building honors the memory and legacy of Katcho Achadjian, a beloved figure in our county, who served three terms on the county Board of Supervisors, representing the South County, and three terms in the state Assembly - nearly 20 years of direct public service to SLO County! Katcho's passing in March of 2020, at the age of 68, marked a significant loss to his beloved family and all of us.

Katcho's journey from Lebanon to the United States, his education at Cal Poly, and his successful local business ownership demonstrated the American Dream. His deep connection to the central coast meant he understood the challenges faced by small business owners and worked tirelessly to support our local economy.

As a former school board member, Katcho Achadjian recognized the importance of quality education. During his time in the State Assembly, he championed policies to improve our schools, increase funding for education, and support our teachers. He was known for his accessibility and approachability, always willing to listen to the concerns of his constituents. I try to channel Katcho as much as possible, as his public service extended beyond politics, a trait that is very important. To watch the ceremony, please go to SLO County's YouTube page.

I would love you to join me and my family at this year's SLO Food Bank Turkey Trot in Pismo Beach on Thanksgiving morning, starting at 8:30. It's a great way to get your game on before the big feast. And, think, our SLO Food Bank serves over 31,000 people monthly to help them make ends meet. Your contribution will help, and with that, have a blessed Thanksgiving season!

In service,

Dawn Ortiz-Legg

Turkey Trot 2022


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