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Kathy from the desk

November 20, 2023

As the Champion for the business community the South County Chambers we have much to be thankful for. I am grateful for our incredible team and the amazing accomplishments we have been able to achieve in the first year of our new Three-Year Strategic Plan! Amidst the remarkable achievements of the South County Chambers of Commerce in 2023, my amazing team of professionals and I are delivering outstanding new services to you and our community.

It is with clearly planned and dedicated leadership, continued education, and over twenty years in the Chamber industry that I have been able to provide insights into shaping the organization's success and fostering a dynamic environment for business growth. Working together with all of you has allowed us to infuse a spirit of collaboration, innovation, and inclusivity into every facet of our operation. I am extremely grateful for the willingness of the board and staff to reach towards the future in becoming a regional Chamber, with a clear understanding of what it takes to ensure businesses continue to grow and thrive. With a deep understanding of regionalism, we have restructured our organization to provide better equity and inclusion for all of the businesses we represent. And we are only just beginning!

A few noteworthy accomplishments:

•Collaborative Approach: A commitment to fostering an inclusive and collaborative environment has been a driving force behind the Chamber's cohesive community engagement efforts. By championing diversity and promoting a culture of inclusivity, she has cultivated a welcoming space for businesses of all sizes and backgrounds to thrive and contribute to the overall growth of the South San Luis Obispo region.

•Strengthening Local Business Resilience: Spearheading dynamic initiatives to support the resilience of our local businesses, the Chamber has facilitated strategic partnerships, provided tailored resources, and conducted impactful workshops, empowering entrepreneurs to navigate challenges and thrive in an evolving marketplace. Some examples of those efforts include: Working closely with the Counties Workforce Development board to educate businesses of the bounty of resources available to assist them with recruitment and retention, 5 Chambers’ networking events, a weekly electronic newsletter that includes marketing, education, networking, and events, and our new Chamber Blog located at Chambers News on

•Strengthening Networking Opportunities: Enabling invaluable networking opportunities and fostering meaningful connections, we have provided a platform for businesses to forge valuable partnerships, exchange ideas, and explore collaborative ventures, fostering a robust and interconnected business network. Today, the Chamber membership has approx. 530 members, representing thousands of employees. We remain in awe at the tenure and engagement of our businesses, many of whom have been with the Chamber on average 10 years. With the Chamber team’s coordination and dedication of the Ambassador Committee, we welcome on average 50 - 60 members each year.

•Educational and Skill-Building Programs: Through a series of comprehensive educational programs and skill-building workshops, we have equipped our members with the necessary knowledge and expertise, fostering continuous learning and professional development within our business community. Monthly workshops at the Launchpad, Membership 101, special guest speakers at our luncheons a calendar chalked full of local, regional, and virtual training offered by our growing list of professional partners.

•Advocacy and Policy Influence: The vision to be more inclusive has created a successful new program launched early this year - Rise and Shine. When we refer to ourselves as "5-cities" we speak to the inclusiveness among our communities. Rise and Shines brings all city and county officials to the table each month to better educate attendees. Our legislative papers also play a vital role in our ability to convene with leaders on key issues. The restructuring of the Governmental Affairs Committee now enables a quicker decision-making process advocating on measures that are key to the economic vitality of the region as they arise.

•Spotlighting the Essence of South San Luis Obispo County: The formation of a new South County Chambers Foundation will create a new level of support and commitment to the development and education of south county residents, non-profits, and business professionals. Being the catalyst for growth is playing an important role in the development of this new 501 C-3 and other services that are continually being updated, upgraded, and designed by our new team.

With each accomplishment, the South County Chambers of Commerce has continued to reinforce its commitment to the growth and prosperity of our businesses and communities. During this season of giving, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our members, partners, and the entire community for their unwavering support and collaboration. Happy Thanksgiving.

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Kathy McCorry


South County Chambers of Commerce

PO Box 672, Arroyo Grande, CA 93421

(805) 489-1488

Cell: (559) 760-6929


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