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KIM Workforce

April 30, 2024


That was the GAME WINNING message that I received from husband-and-wife TEAM Lance and June Gonzales.  Since 2016 they have been the sole owners and operators of the Sports Dugout, a sports memorabilia shop located in our beautiful downtown Village of Arroyo Grande, Ca. As you enter the doors of this unique shop, you are immediately transported back in time to days gone by. The floor to ceiling sports memorabilia was such a wonderful reminder of how sports heroes have always had a special place of honor and respect in our country. As athletes their FIERCE DEDICATION to their TEAM and their MAJOR LEAGUE TALENT kept us captivated year after year.  Yes…we would all admit that life was once much simpler when baseball was synonymous with America, hotdogs and apple pie. But I believe that the spirit of the American dream still lives in many of us today. As they say…you can take player off the field, but you can’t take the team spirit out of the player. And how true that statement is after hearing the heartfelt sentiments of Lance and June regarding their commitment to making the Arroyo Grande Village the very best it can be!  They spoke about their desire to see continued growth and success of the downtown shopping hub. One idea we all thought could potentially KNOCK IT OUT OF THE PARK was this: What if, as a community, we all made an intentional effort to spend $20 a week in a few of our local downtown shops?  Not only would we be honoring the FIERCE DEDICATION of our hard-working shop owners and their families, but we would also be SHOWCASING the power of what real TEAMWORK can do to support our outstanding Central Coast community.  What a beautiful example of MANY HANDS MAKING A DIFFERENCE!


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Kim Wybenga


Chairman's Circle Plus, Chairman's Circle & Community Partners